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Located in an area near Tenerife airport, where the beauty of the environment stands out with magic vegetation favoured by nature and an excellent golf course which gives renown to this coast site where a comfortable residential area is erected.

The well-known Coast of Silence treasures the magic of having captivated millions of human beings for tenths of thousands of years, but fortunately for present generations it seems that its charm has multiplied.

Here the weather is always like spring and this is only possible because, metaphorically speaking, the warm wind coming from the sea waters and the wind from the Gulf Stream form a fraternal symbiosis.

The following is a very well-known lyric entitled Coast of Silence identifying this heavenly place. It is an inspiration from the famous Wizard of Oz and it goes like this:

The sea spit a lament

So soft that nobody heard

It was such a penetrating pain

That all the coast died away.

The sick cloud cries its sorrows

And pain writes terrors on the sand.

Fear hushes a dolphin who drank

Black water, then its luck declined.

Come, I want to hear your voice,

And, if there is still love inside us,

Let us stop this from dying.

Come, as the solution

is inside you,

to save the beauty that remains.

Where usury installs itself

Greed and power are born,

And it grows in the earth,

Agonizing over interest.

And they say a seagull decided

In a suicidal act to surrender to the sun.

A ship that ran aground laughs in contempt

And bleeds in its bed: THE SEA!

Let’s start a revolution,

May our leader be the sun,

And our army,


Let’s have another sunrise as our flag

And as a conquest understand

That there is need to change

Swords by roses.

And while still alive

Go and get help with the wind

As there is no time left.


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